Corporate Partners

A 50 man show chorus is a large and complex organization. Our annual budget is funded by earning money through private and public performances, sales of our CD recordings, and annual income from our two endowment funds. Individual donations for our charitable programs are preserved in perpetuity through our Sheridan E. Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund and through the Erd Dahl Legacy Fund, the annual earnings of which help to fund our charitable and public service programs. However, the costs related to our performances, which include performing hall rental, rehearsal space, the investment in and transportation of choral risers and sound systems are considerable and continue to rise. In addition, the investment in uniforms, music, copyrights, vocal and choreography coaching are considerable and continue to rise. Our members pay dues and travel expenses without remuneration.

The Chorus of the Keys welcomes financial support from those business organizations that have an interest in our role in the community as a major performing and charitable public service organization.

Suggested ways to support our work are:


  • Membership in our Erd Dahl Legacy Fund.
  • Underwrite or sponsor our monthly award winning newsletter the Music Beat distributed nine times a year throughout the United States.
  • Underwriting all or a portion of our concerts performed to over 10,000 local patrons each year.
  • Underwriting costs associated with the purchase of a step van and/or maintenance of our trailers for transporting our riser and sound equipment.
  • Underwriting the rental costs or providing space for our rehearsal facility.


Sponsorships can entitle organizations to recognition in our publications, in our advertisements, at our performances, on our website and in our news releases; free entertainment; and the benefits of being a Erd Dahl Legacy Fund Platinum member.


Contributions from corporations are acknowledged immediately and reports on their use provided. Since we are a 501(C) (3) non-profit organization all contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. To learn more about the advantages of establishing a meaningful partnership with us, please contact Dave Frantz, Director Fund Development, at (941) 926-1161, e-mail to or write to


Sarasota Chorus of the Keys
Attn: Legacy Fund
P.O. Box 51751
Sarasota, FL 34232-0314

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